Beyond Hybrid Working


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Much more than a book about flexible working, Beyond Hybrid Working is an engaging and practical management book to help organisations rethink all aspects of traditional work in the emerging post-pandemic landscape and reap the benefits from working smarter. Many organisations that had rapidly improvised and implemented Hybrid Working now want to take a more strategic approach. ‘Smart Working’ is being adopted across sectors, from technology companies, through the financial services sector to the public sector. Andy Lake has supported implementations in businesses and public sector organisations for nearly 30 years, including advising the UK Cabinet Office. He sets out a strategic, comprehensive and integrated approach to Smart Working in the context of new possibilities for working on a more distributed basis, and the impact of new AI-based technologies coming over the horizon. He also explores the possibilities for greater flexibility for workers with hands-on and site-specific roles. Featuring detailed case studies, the book takes a pragmatic and evidence-based approach covering different sectors and types of work, and presents practical techniques for implementing change. This is essential reading for anyone involved in transformational workplace change and increasing the efficiency of organisations. It is written for managers who need to deliver change, and professionals and researchers in the fields of People, Workplace and Technology.

ISBN 9781032265742
EISBN 9781003806660
المؤلف Andy Lake
الناشر Taylor & Francis

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