Principles of Foundation Engineering, SI


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Master the core concepts and applications of foundation analysis and design with Das’ best-selling PRINCIPLES OF FOUNDATION ENGINEERING, SI, 10th Edition. A must-have resource in your engineering education, this edition is specifically written for those studying undergraduate civil engineering. This edition provides an ideal balance between today's most current research and practical field applications. Dr. Das, a renowned author in the field of geotechnical engineering, emphasizes how to develop the critical judgment you need to properly apply theories and analysis to the evaluation of soils and foundation design. A new chapter discusses the uplift capacity of shallow foundations and helical anchors. This edition provides more worked-out examples and figures than any other resource of its kind, along with new learning objectives and illustrative photos that help you focus on the skills most critical for success as a civil engineer.
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ISBN 9780357684672
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الكلية الهندسة
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كود الدورة الهندسة المدنية والتشييد
EISBN 9780357684849
المؤلف Braja M. Das
الناشر Cengage Learning EMEA

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