About us

      is a specialized platform for purchasing educational e-books for students of Saudi and Arab universities. It is one of the products of the Informatics Development Company and its goal is to provide curriculum textbooks at the best prices and in a simple and reliable way that saves you time and effort.

The   platform provides access to a large number of electronic curriculum books through our experience in this field for more than 20 years, and we have contracted with more than 1,400 global publishing houses so that students can buy all their books through one platform.

The platform provides a specialized e-reader that allows students to use many technical features in browsing the book such as advanced research for quick access to information, adding notes and shading important sections as well as the voice reader feature that allows students to listen to the book and other features that support the educational process.

We strive to always be the best in this field, so share your opinion through the media available on the store and be happy to communicate with you


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