Daughters of Chaos

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ملاحظة: هذا المنتج رقمي وسيتم توصيله من خلال البريد الإلكتروني الذي تم إدخاله عند التسجيل في الموقع، حيث ستتلقى رسالة بريد إلكتروني تحتوي رمز المنتج الرقمي الذي ستستخدمه لاحقا للتفعيل بمجرد إتمام الدفع. لتعلم كيفية الحصول على المنتج يرجى الضغط هنا


An epic novel about Civil War–era Nashville’s “public women,” an age-old secret society, and the earth-shaking power of the female“A beautiful spinning knife of a story that whirls back through the 1800s, the 1500s, the 4th century BC, and the age of myth to slice out an image of the pain and the power that women have inherited from antiquity.” ––Kevin Brockmeier, O. Henry Prize-winning author of The Ghost Variations   In 1862, after a tragedy at home, twenty-two-year-old Sylvie Swift parts ways with her twin brother to trace the origins of an enigmatic playscript that’s landed on their doorstep. This text leads her to Nashville, an occupied city bustling with soldiers, saboteurs, partisans, powerful men––and powerful women. Sylvie trans lates the playscript by day, but at night, drawn into the work by the chief of the Union Army’s Secret Service, she acts as a spy. Both endeavors acquaint her with a sisterhood whose members—including Hannah, a fiery revolutionary to whom Sylvie is increasingly drawn—possess potentially monstrous powers. Sylvie soon becomes entangled in the Cult of Chaos, a feminist society steadfast in its ancient mission to eradicate the violence of men. Inspired by Aristophanes’ Lysistrata and the true story of Nashville’s attempt to exile its prostitutes during the American Civil War, Daughters of Chaos weaves together “found” texts, fabulism, and queer themes to question familiar notions of history and family, warfare and power.  

ISBN 9781419772474
EISBN 9798887072333
المؤلف Jen Fawkes
الناشر Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

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